Gebirge (Mountains), 1911 by Franz Marc

Marc painted Landschaft in 1911 and then repainted it in 1912 after visiting Robert Delaunay in Paris. The new version, retitled Gebirge, is a fusion of influences from Orphism, Cubism, and Futurism.

Delaunay's orphist concern with abstraction and brilliant hues is reflected in the contrasting color planes, which combine to create a surface of multicolored light. Cubism is suggested by the fractured, prismatic forms that define the landscape. The thrusting prisms also generate a dynamic, kaleidoscopic effect reminiscent of Italian Futurism.

Like many artists of the period, Marc desired to attain a state of spirituality; the angular elements that point to the orange sun at the summit evoke a sense of striving toward a higher realm.